Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(DD) Something Warm

"There is no ideal Christmas; only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, and traditions." Bill McKibben

PICTURE: Something warm
WRITE: For today's journal you were supposed to read the article "Welcome Home, for the Holidays!" that can be found here and then write your thoughts.
At first when I began to read it, it made me sad, what she was explaining as what happens at Christmas was most certainly not what I look forward to and not what I have felt in the past. Then I finished the article. I have been to the home where it is completely white, where there are glass chandeliers hanging in every room and where the carpet is two inches thick, I was afraid to touch anything, afraid that if I were to breath I might brake something. We went into a back room where the family was, this room was so different, completely relaxed- kids bouncing a basketball and laughing and completely at ease. What a difference your surroundings and attitude can make.
Christmas can be all about you, you, and you- about the gifts, what you want this year, who has the most lights on their house. Or it can be about others- whom can you serve this year, who can you remind of the true meaning of Christmas and bring love and joy into their hearts.
I hope that I can make Christmas about others this year, I hope that I can help them remember the true meaning and serve them through my example, love, and actions.

REMEMBER: Do you remember making any specific recipe with older family members? What was the experience like?
I am not sure if they were specifying a holiday recipe, but I always remember helping my older brothers bake on Sundays. The experience wasn't always the same- it could either be fun and joyful for both sides or unpleasant for us both. When I made the choice to listen and follow directions my brothers would let me participate and let me feel like I was actually cooking and knew what I was doing, but if I would try to steal cookie dough when they had asked me not to take some or do something else then they would become irritated with me and it would become not so fun anymore.

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  1. Beth! We got your christmas card today, and I LOVE it! Thanks so much!