Saturday, February 27, 2010

Face of Wax

I had planned on bringing my box of wax with me but for some reason it slipped out of my suitcase and it did not make it here :( Mom was sending me a package of things and so I asked her to put it in with everything else she was sending me, I had a problem with having a very dark mustache that grows in and it comes fairly often and as Taiwanese people don't seem to have a problem with facial hair it was important that I have my wax.
Finally the wax arrived! But it wasn't bad enough that I needed to do it right away and I didn't have the energy to do it quite yet anyway. Last Sunday I decided that it needed to be done and it needed to be done now! I went to the kitchen to heat up my dear friend wax...and the microwave wouldn't work!! Well I wouldn't be deterred, so I put some water to boil, held the little plastic dish over the steam (hot, hot!) and got the wax to soften a little bit so that using a couple of chopsticks was able to dig the whole piece of the dish. I then put the whole chunk of wax in a glass jar and put it in the boiling water.
My creativity doesn't stop there I am afraid, I decided that I would do my mustache AND eyebrows AND chin, the mustache did pretty good and the eyebrows so-so, I think though that I made the chin worse by doing it---but it's a pretty funny picture :D The best part was that I had to run to the kitchen to grab my camera in order to take the picture and right as I walked out Paul (our neighbor) came walking up, I looked at him, smiled and then went running laughing.

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  1. Wow your so brave!! I can only just bear to have my legs waxed! There is absolutely no way I could pluck up the courage to wax any part of me myself!