Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breakfast Gathering

Several weeks ago Lindsey Woolley was in town and wanted us to get together, because of the many scattered schedules we decided to gather for breakfast at Kneaders. 6 of us were able to be there, a couple were sadly missed but it was still fun to get together. It's amazing to look at everyone and remember what we were all like when we were younger and how far we all have come and the many different lives that we have now.

Lovely Leah!

Krystle, Mandy, and Leah

Me, Brea, and Lindsey W. (we totally did not mean to have Brea and I wearing the same color and Krystle and Mandy to be wearing the same color, we just noticed it afterwards)

The whole table, of course Krystle would do a silly face so we had to take another :D

Ahh, much better!

Everyone wanted Brea to rest the cup on her tummy, it was barely staying because she was laughing. Somehow though we were able to grab a picture before it fell.

A typical Krystle face :D

Lindsey, being very thoughtful.

Brea--for some reason every time I see this picture small and only glance at it quickly I think there is something on her nose, like frosting or something.

Me, I actually like this picture---not many that I do.

Mandy, quickly grabbed before she could duck :D

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