Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jacob Turns 4!

Wow! I can't believe that Jacob is already 4, where have the years gone?

Libbey and Erick made the cake, it looked awesome! Jacob LOVES Cars so of course it made it's way onto the cake :D Jacob also got to pick what was served at the dinner, so we had pizza, corn on the cob, salad, and I think I'm missing something?

Libbey lighting the candles and bringing the cake to the living room.

Big Boy! He can blow all of his candles out!

Cute little Claire (watching the present opening action)!

Jacob got lots of cool presents, his neighbor friend gave him a Steelers blanket.

Aunt Sonia, Uncle Ben, and family gave him lots of cool activity books. Every time he would pull out something new he would go "Wow!"

What did he get from Mom and Dad?.....a scooter!

Giving Grandma a hug for her present (a super sweet book about tractors with a puzzle in it)

Putting the puzzle together.

Trying out his new scooter.

He also got a couple of kites, at one point he had the kite tied to his handle and would ride really fast so the kite would fly behind him.

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