Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CD1 - Dinner

Andrea and I talked about all the different food we had on this trip and we decided that the restaurants that were chosen were catered to the fact that we came from Taiwan, we kind of wished that we had gotten to try a little bit of different food on this trip but we enjoyed most of what we ate anyway.

Before we could start eating we had to catch a picture of everyone first :D

They had 4 or 5 different sections with different kinds of foods, we all just rotated through the sections for each plate trying a little bit of everything. Those flat things on the left were deep fried bananas, I wasn't a big fan and will probably not be trying them again.

This was really good, it was some noodles with I have not clue what's on top--they chose it for me. I really liked it though, it kind of tasted like black licorice.

This was really good too, there was sweet and sour beef I believe and something else that I liked.

While we ate we had many different types of entertainment--music, dancing, stories, singing!

As we were leaving we decided to catch one more picture of the group of only took like 4 shots to get a good one :D

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  1. Yums! That's one of my favorite part of traveling, tasting the different kinds of food.