Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Addilyn JoElle Skousen

Brea was due next weekend, but we all kind of had the feeling that she would be going into labor early. Last week I was at my Mom's house because of my niece Sarah's birthday, Tuesday morning just as we were getting ready to leave to go to the dinosaur museum I got THE text from Brea informing me that she was pretty sure that her water had broken (somehow I knew that when she did go into labor I wouldn't be in town---be it only 20 minutes away I was still gone!). She told me that Darrell was coming home and then they were headed to the hospital (good!). I went to the museum with my Mom, Sonia, and Sarah but was having a little bit of trouble concentrating (who could blame me :D). So I asked Brea if she wanted some company until it got really bad, she said yes and so as soon as the next bus came I was on it.
It was a rather long day (even more so for Brea), but finally at 7:53pm with less than an hour of real pushing Addilyn JoElle Skousen joined us in this world! It was such an amazing experience to be there!!! Addi is so beautiful and has a good set of lungs like her mommy :D She is a little on the small side at 7lbs 1oz and only 17-1/4 inches long, but she is beautiful from head to tiny toe!

The first family picture! Can't say that Brea looks like she just came out of labor (we couldn't even tell most of the time that she was!)

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