Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CD1 - After Dinner Drinks

I feel so naughty saying that we had drinks after dinner, it almost sounds like it was something alcoholic or something, but it wasn't (though I suppose it could have been). After dinner we went to some spot that was very popular with the tourists, there were lots of bars (advertising $.50, $1, $2, etc. beer all day), restaurants, and little shops.

There were many options and it took us a bit to decide what we wanted but I believe that I ended up going with some kind of smoothie.

This restaurant was across the street, it made me laugh.
After we finished our drinks we were given some time to go and explore the streets. We walked past this place where these guys were just sitting with their feet in a tank of fish. I'm not sure what kind of fish they were but we thought it was really strange.

A close up of their feet.

Our group...we were really lucky that it ended up not being a huge group and that they knew some English so we weren't lost the entire time.

As we were sitting waiting for our drinks and when we had our drinks I kept on hearing screams from below us, I couldn't figure out what was going on. When we finally went back downstairs I looked in the restaurant below us and realized that they had the World Cup on, as we wandered down the street we found that it was on in every restaurant and then at the end of the street they had two huge screens on either side and there were crowds of people watching. I saw one shop owner was in the middle of the street with one eye on the game and the other eye on his store.

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  1. Actually, fish biting your toes feels rather nice. In rivers in Oregon, the minnows will do that as well.