Monday, September 13, 2010

Cambodia- the Hotel!

I would have to say that as of now this is the fanciest place that I have ever stayed.

The pool

Looking at the balcony's of the rooms from the poolside.

Our funky are those wholes?

A close-up at the key with the name of where we were saying.

Another view of the pool.

One part of the lobby


The cool lights in the lobby.

Andrea waiting for the others to come downstairs.

The clocks with the different times.

All the water bottles that Andrea and I had collected together by the end of the week.

We got two new ones everyday from the hotel!

The entrance to our bathroom.

The bathtub.

The shower.

Our closet with included safe.

Looking into our room from the door.

Another view of the water bottles (fridge underneath).

Our beds...super comfy beds!

Everything packed up, ready for us to go home.

A beautiful painting on the wall beside me bed.

Sitting chairs and little table.

Balcony doors.

View from our balcony.

The other direction.

Looking down to the entrance to the hotel.

The welcome sign.

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