Wednesday, September 8, 2010

REAL-Salt Lake

So I finally made it to my first soccer game. Several weeks ago I got a forwarded e-mail from Nathan asking if anyone was interested in handing out fliers at a REAL soccer game the following weekend in Salt Lake. Nathan and e-mailed both Kyle and I so I called Kyle to ask him if he was interested. He said he was and suggested that we make it into a double date (yeah...NOT!). So I was put in charge of e-mailing the guy and Kyle was supposed to find the dates.
I got confirmation from the guy that we were able to come and then called Kyle back. He had found a girl and a guy, but the guy asked if he could bring his friend with him. Saturday afternoon came and the girl that was supposed to be coming was sick and couldn't come so another friend of Kyle's was going to come. So in the beginning it was supposed to be me, another girl and two guys, in the end it was me and four guys!
We got there and were told what we were supposed to do---basically hand out fliers to everyone about this program where you can order food from your cell phone and then they will deliver it to you for a fee at the games. Kyle and I were able to quickly hand ours out. After we were done all we had to do was pick a place and order some food and have it delivered to us.

One of Kyle's friends "stole" my camera and by the end of the night I had over 200 pictures! You are lucky that I edited and only put a few :D

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  1. You had 3! dates that night instead of just one. How lucky you are to have an older brother who takes care of you so good :)