Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cookie Party

This year Sonia hosted the very first Christmas Cookie Exchange Party (hopefully it will become an annual thing...hint, hint!). It was so much fun--we got to talk with family, be relaxed, share cookies, make plates, not have to make them all and still get the variety.

There were so many different kinds of yumminess... Little Seth (and to be honest all of the kids (and some adults too!)) were more than willing to sample the different kinds and tell you how good they were.

There were babies to be held, and talking to be done but we still got to work making the different plates.

Samuel decided that he wanted to be a big boy and help make the plates, he would put half of the cookies on the plate and then I would put the rest and arrange them so that they looked pretty...he was a great helper but I really think that he just wanted to be closer to the treats.

While Samuel, Rebecca (Sonia's sister), and I worked on putting the plates together Sonia, her mom, and Mom worked hard at wrapping them and making the outsides look pretty.

Sarah got some time of holding baby Alexia...for some reason everywhere she goes she is a big hit :D

Ben and Erick were there but we didn't really see them until the end, they disappeared down into the office and they would come up everyone now and then to sample on a cookie or two. When the work was all done they came and joined in the conversations there.

It was such a fun and relaxed evening and I'm glad that Ben and Sonia hosted it... but I definitely ate way TOO many cookies (before, during, and after!).

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