Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cookie Making

One of the best parts of Christmas is getting to bake lots and lots of yummy treats and it's ok, because it's Christmas :D
On this day Mom and I were making cookies for Sonia's Christmas Cookie Exchange party...Mom made her mini muffins that she had made all my growing up and then piped leafs with red hot berries. I had also found a new recipe that I wanted to try...Turtle Tassies, they looked yummy, pretty, and fun to make. I was excited to have an excuse to make them so that I wouldn't have to eat them all.

Luckily Mom was a big help in unwrapping the caramel, two bags of caramel per a batch and we made two batches made for a lot of caramel squares to unwrap.

Mom's mini muffins cooling in preparation to be piped.

CARAMEL!!! Oh how I love it :) Getting ready to melt and fill the yummy tassies.

Don't they look so cute as little cups? Mom had a tart shaper that she had bought several years ago from Pampered Chef but never had a chance to use it yet. She was so excited when I was reading her the recipe and she realized that she would be able to use it finally...she was even more excited when it worked perfectly.

Cooling with chocolate, caramel, and nuts already inside!

The muffins all piped with leafs and berries, on the tray ready to go to the party.

The tassies trayed and ready to go too, I think that they looked beautiful in the the muffin pan but seeing them on the pretty tray makes them look so much nicer.

Only half of the of the funniest parts during this baking was that Brea, Mom, and I were talking on skype (see the computer) half of the time. Brea's phone had died and when we were about to hang up I got a call from Darrell asking if I was with Brea because he couldn't get hold of her, I told him that I wasn't with her but that I was talking to her...kind of funny :D

We still had sometime before the party so we quickly made up a batch of cherry winks, they weren't our best cookie that we have ever made. We think that it might have something to do with trying to make them in Utah and not accounting for the different altitude, so we will have to experiment with that...but all in all it was a great baking day with Mom.

*Libbey thinks that the turtle tassies were amazing and that I could make them as part of a "business." So if anyone ever needs them for a party-bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, birthday party, or just because...let me know :D

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