Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jimmer Time!

Last night was an amazing night, I'm sure one that will be remembered for many a year. I'm so happy (I'm not sure that, that is even big enough to explain how amazing it was) to have been at the game. What a night with tons of clapping and more than that of screaming/cheering. I'm not sure that my heart will ever recover from how fast it was going at times. I'm so proud to say that I am a BYU/ Jimmer fan and that I attend this university. I will never forget the loudness and total support from the fans of last night and know that nothing will ever compare. If you missed this game (I'm sorry that you did) be sure to check out why this was such a BIG game. Go Cougs!
Yahoo (with Sweet Tweets!)

Some facebook statuses that were found last night and this morning:

Once upon a time I worked at a restaurant and I personally made a sandwich for Jimmer. That makes me cool, right?

best reason to live in provo? JIMMER FREDETTE

Somebody call 911! Jimmer-fire burnin' on the ball court, wooaaooh!

I LOVE JIMMERRRRRR!!!!! National player of the year fo sho!

It feels so good to ruin SDSU's record. I mean to watch JIMMER ruin it. GO COUGARS!!!

I love me some Jimmer!

lovin da jimmmer :]


Loved watching #9 BYU beat #4 San Diego State tonight in Basketball. Oh ya!!! I'm a Jimmer fan!

Jimmer Blows My Mind!

Teach me how to Jimmer

In my wildest dreams, where anything is possible, I'm still only half as good as jimmer!

Facebook asks, "What's on your mind?" Well, answer...THE BYU WIN!!! WOOT WOOT!
JIMMER TIME!!! yeeeeaaah BYU! 43points, sheesh!

COUGARS! hit the road, san diego

Oh and did I mention Jimmer almost score more points by himself (23) than all SDSU (27) in the second half? Atta boy.

He's not petfect, but he's Jimmer!

43 points against the number 4 team in the nation... SDSU... YOU GOT JIMMERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
71 to 58!!! YES! Go BYU!!


BYU baby! What a win!

Seriously?! Watching the BYU vs. SDSU game. Jimmer Fredette is unstoppable. Just witnesses the fastest trigger I think I've ever seen. I think the defender lost his shorts. An amazing game to watch.

Jimmer will never remember tonight, cause that man is unconscious!

Jimmer.... It's all about Jimmer... Marriott Center going crazy!

STOP. Jimmertime.

I love BYU. And Basketball. And Jimmer Fredette.

Great Game. Go Cougars!!!!

Jimmer doesn't flush the toilet, he simply scares the crap out of them.

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