Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That Which Doesn't Kill You...

...will only (supposedly) make you stronger.

Lately these two faces have become quite familiar to me. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Zumba DVD off of ebay, it was described as the "weight loss" DVD, it didn't really click to me of why it would be weight loss until I received it last's Advanced! :D
Today marks the 3rd day in the row that I have done it, I'm not to the point where I can do the whole hour yet but even after 20 minutes I feel so much better and slightly (possibly more) disgusting.
I know that I have a lot further to go but 3 days in a row is pretty good for me, considering I'm usually the one that does something for a day, slacks off for two weeks and then says I need to do it and do it again for a couple of days and then slack off again. It really is fun and I can feel the burning and my legs getting stronger from doing it.

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  1. zumba is sooo good for you. and fun! i'm obsessed with it. i go every tuesday and thursday and do it at the rb if you want to join me :) you can come one time for free and after that the pass is $48 but you can go to any of the classes they offer (pilates, yoga, cardo fusion, water aerobics, etc.)