Friday, January 28, 2011

There's Some Bread in the Oven...

the oven, the oven. There's some bread in the oven, the oven, some bread! (sang to There's A Hole in the Bucket :D)
Last weekend at Libbey's exchange party I got two awesome things...a blender (which I've already used twice this week while making the Sweet Pork) and a bread maker! I was so surprised and excited that I got two really big items that would be useful now and in my future home. When I told my roommates found out that I got a bread maker one was excited because then she could make pizza dough and another talked about cinnamon rolls (which I am sure both will be made at some point). I was excited to just be able to make bread! So last night I did it (let me tell you it smelled SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!). Last night at about 11:30 I heard the beeping telling me that it was finished, I was so excited and ran into the kitchen with the camera prepared to take some pictures.

Such a beautiful shade of light brown.

So tall and pretty (I'm not proud of it or anything ;D)

I was so impressed with how clean it came out of the pan, that was one thing that I always remembered from when I would make the bread in my Mom's bread maker, that little mixer arm wouldn't stay in the pan and it would come out in the bread so then we would end up tearing out half the bottom to get it out. Stinky! :(

If only you could see the steam that was coming off this as I took the picture!

You'll be glad to know that less than 24 hours from it being finished it is all gone (with the help of my roommates of course---I left a note for my roommates when they woke up that they could have bread, my roommate Anna said "I notice that you didn't exclude Anna from that, yeah!")

I'm excited because next when I go to my Mom's I get to grind wheat so that I can make whole wheat bread, yum, yum!

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