Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3, 2, 1...Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was a quite night spent at home, I worked in the morning and boy was it crazy (I would have thought for sure that everyone would to home or have other plans--elsewhere!). Libbey, Erick, Alexia, and Jacob came down to join in our "festivities." Most of our evening was taken up in watching The Swan Princess with Jacob and eating root-beer floats in celebration of Mom's birthday. Once it was over Jacob and Alexia went to bed, Erick called Peru for their midnight, and the rest of us began playing a game. At midnight we popped the bubbly, clanked glasses, went outside and screamed for a few minutes, watched someone elses fireworks, finished our game, ordered plane tickets, reserved hotel for our trip, and went to bed. It was a blast :)

It's tradition to wear Yellow in Peru for New Years Eve, Erick had forgotten and no one had a yellow shirt for him to borrow so he put on a banana. 

Libbey shared her yellow necklace with him. 

Mom and Kyle--don't look so excited Kyle.

Fireworks in the distance outside, I felt almost like I was back in Taiwan with all the fireworks that were going off. 

Erick was on skype with all of his family, we turned around to see him holding up Alexia's shoe to the camera...we had no clue what he was doing. 

Libbey laughing at her crazy husband. 

Our game...look at all that green! (Mom's red, she always takes FOREVER to get anything on the board but she all of a sudden comes out of nowhere playing and whoops all of our butts every.single.time.). 

I wore yellow and I didn't eve know the tradition. 

This is my excited, cheering, happy new year expression/action. 

Happy New Year everyone! May 2012 be as wonderful, exciting, blessed as 2011 has been. 

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