Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh Christmas Day, Oh Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was a day filled with family, fun, and food. We started out the day a little early (especially considering how it was rather late for us to go to bed the night before--Mom's church began at 9:30). We opted to go to church and then come home and do "Christmasy things." After church the first thing we did was open our stockings! (Growing up that was the first thing we did, then everyone had to shower and get ready- as soon as everyone was ready we would eat breakfast and then do presents). After stockings was breakfast and then presents! My big present from Mom was an ipod/cd dock that I have been wanting for along time. Kyle took me out on a "date," to lunch and to see Sherlock Holmes at the movie theater. 
Next on our schedule was to take naps, most of us slept right up until people arrived at he door. Again this year everyone came to our house for dinner. Growing up our tradition for Christmas Eve was sub sandwiches and then for Christmas day we would do the fancy full turkey dinner. We decided last year that we would much rather have time to gather as a family and not be cooking all day and that we loved the tradition of the sub sandwiches, so that is what we do now for our Christmas dinner. 

Miss C was a big fan of the chips. 

Smiley, frowny, half-asleep, we still love them and find them adorable :)

Katrina has been taking piano lessons for close to a year and Mom asked her if she would be wiling to play a song for everyone, so Katrina practiced and practiced and was ready to share with all of us. She did wonderfully!

Claire has figured out that she is no longer a "baby" and likes to hold the "babies" in her lap. 

The last several years we have been rotating which family you give gifts to. The Chuy's had Ben/Sonia family and their gift to them was a fire pit---they were super surprised and excited. (I had Joel and Becky this year and got them tickets to Disney on Ice--they went earlier last week). 

Lexie wasn't so sure about switching and having Claire sit in her lap :)

I was the official recorder of all gifts. Katrina was also really sweet and bought me these beautiful earrings with her own money and black friday, I've already worn them a couple of times :) Ben and Sonia also had me for Christmas and their big present for me was the game Ticket to Ride (which I love--it has already been played twice since I've gotten it). 

Sonia gave the two littlest nieces these beautiful Beatrix Potter books. 

Where is Claire? 

There she is!

The evening ended with a bubble bath in Grandma's jacuzzi tub for the grandkids and the adults all sat around talking about the upcoming CRUISE!

I love getting together as a family, the only thing missing was Joel, Becky, Aubrey, Parker. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well. 

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