Sunday, January 1, 2012

Avenue of the Giants--Day 4

Day 4 was technically Sunday but that was not filled with lots of adventure (besides my pandora going off on my phone in the middle of sacrament meeting) and no pictures were taken that day. Day 4/5 was filled with plenty more adventure of course lots of driving that came with it. 

Our first stop of the day was a redwood park--again can't really tell you where it was (I'm really good at remembering how to get places but for some reason the geography of California continues to confuse me).

There was this slice of a tree at the entrance, they had different markers pointing out different parts of history--isn't it amazing what we can learn from the plants around us.

We never did find the tree this leaf came from but it must have been pretty amazing to have leaves the size of my head.

I come from Oregon---hugging a tree is a big thing :)

Not every day that you get to be inside a tree.

I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland in this picture looking up through the hole in the roots.

A new life growing from the old life.

They had different markers to show you things and a brochure to explain about them--I appointed myself the tour guide.

My throne!

There was a lot of this going on...

...And this

I thought that this looked like a llama, I can't remember what Kyle and Mom thought it looked like.

Again the Oregonian coming out in all of us...a banana slug (which I'm sure we all used to think were gross but because we haven't seen them in so long they were a bit of a novelty).

Coming out of this giant tree, it was big enough to sleep in and dark enough that I couldn't take a picture or see anything without a light.

After the redwood forest came...Taiwan-Village! Where I introduced Kyle and Mom to some of the yumminess that I experienced as a daily thing when I lived in Taiwan.

First came the stinky tofu (doesn't it just so innocent sitting there?)

Yum! Green onion pancakes.

Mom waiting for Kyle to come back so that she could eat into the nastiness that is Stinky Tofu.

Taiwan Pork- I loved this stuff and I could never find it to buy (I would always love it when we had it at lunch).

Rice--definitely a staple.

The whole layout.

They are getting ready--do they really want to eat into this?

The first taste on their tongues, not so sure yet what to think .

Contemplation... They both said it wasn't terrible, it wouldn't be something that they themselves would ever seek out again. My guess is that it was watered down a bit and not as nasty as it could be because I know that my face when I ate it was not as un-responsive as theirs.

Another favorite of mine- scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Mom even gave it a go with the chopsticks.

They said this was a Taiwanese hamburger--it was good but I don't remember eating anything like this in Taiwan.

Fish anyone? (at the market)

Look at all of those awesome Taiwanese treats!

We came back for Kyle's FHE (it was mostly a short quick thing with a lesson, but before that they did something called High/Low where they tell a high going on in their life and a low---this one girl who worked a veterinarian's office had cremated a pet boa constrictor that day---weird! and somehow that went off on a conversation where you can have someones ashes made into diamonds (see a company here)). After FHE we stopped off at this neighborhood nearby Kyles that they had all decorated, it was so cool! Each house had two decorated Christmas trees in front of their house (between the sidewalk and the road) plus their house decorations. One house even was Jewish and they had participated.

I tried to fit in with some of the decorations.

Can you tell which one is me? ;)

This one just made me think of Santa's workshop...I wish that I could have windows like that.

They needed someone English.

I'm totally ready to learn to drive a sleigh!

I love, love, loved this color of door and have decided that when I own a house I am painting it this color too!

After this stop it was off to home where we packed everything up and went to bed as fairly early as was possible as we had to catch the Caltrain to San Francisco somewhere around 5:30 in the morning.  

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