Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Light and Dark

On Sunday in Sunday School we were discussing what light and dark meant to us and to offer an example if we felt like doing so. This guy gave an analogy and I really liked it...he mentioned that light and dark is discussed many times in the scriptures and then he said that we need to the light to show us the obstacles. He said I like to think about if you wake up in the middle of the night and try to go somewhere you will probably stumble to your destination unless you turn on a light to show you what is ahead. He said the same is for our life, if we try to go without the light we will stumble. 
I really liked that analogy and then I wanted to take it a little further, I thought about when you first turn the light off-the light struggles to stay as long as it can and when you do turn the light back on your eyes can't see for a moment they have to re-adjust. I think the same can be said for life also, when you start making choices that take you away from the light (and Lord) the Holy Ghost tries to stay with you as long as it can but if you keep going towards the dark there is only so long it can stay with you. When you come back towards the light you must make some changes (repentance, choices, etc.) before you can clearly see again. 
I really liked both of these analogies and they have been on my mind a lot since then- do I chose to use the light or do I sit in a room of darkness, struggling to find my way around?

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