Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Choose To Become

It's a new year and with new years often come those dreaded resolutions or goals for the year (bleh!), where you feel guilty if you haven't done them yet or even guiltier if you don't complete those that you set out to do. I've done it myself, I start out January 1st with this whole list of things that I'm going to accomplish for the year, about January 6th or 7th the list has been lost and I've moved onto something new.
A couple of months ago I was able to attend Time Out for Women, it was a cool experience, there may have been a few times when I rolled my eyes (picture Jericho Road singing, hundreds of women standing up waving their arms---felt a little too Christian TV to me (not that it's terrible but that's just not me)), but I enjoyed it and learned a lot nonetheless. This years theme was CHOOSE TO BECOME. Choose to become whatever it is that you need to become. They weren't saying that choosing to become means adding more to what is a very busy and hectic life. Don't choose that. Look at your life and choose to become something that would make your life closer to what you want it to be. It's a bit of different thought when you focus that way, what do you want to become?
This year I want to choose to become a better daughter of god. I often wish that I could find my eternal companion (who doesn't that's not married?) but I realized that in order to do that I need to BECOME the best that I can be, strengthen my testimony and be prepared for the covenants that come with the Temple and Eternal Marriage.

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