Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who Stole The Cookie?

December 20th we had a 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange Party at Ben and Sonia's house. I felt a little bad because of Mom and I going to California, I going to work immediately after returning and life I wasn't as prepared as we were last year (Mom and I spent the whole day getting ready for it last year). It was still lots of fun, Leah even joined us for plating. 

I love seeing the different creations people make- they are always so fun (good), pretty (good), and decorative (good).

Leah and Katrina were a big help with plating everything. 

While the work began Mom and Sarah played a quick game of Uno. 

Once again the boys would pop in in hopes of receiving a treat. 

And Mom and Sonia got the job of wrapping again-- this year we went with a bit simpler on the wrapping job so it also went a tad faster. 

Just a fraction of the completed plates. 

Sonia the wonderful instigator and host of the party. 


We tried something new this year--hot chocolate marshmallows. Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and then rolled in candy cane (you can also do graham crackers or any other fun treat). They turned out really pretty and yummy, the sticks were a little too tall so they cut off the tops. 

A side view of the yumminess!

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