Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6 Course Fancy

Two weekends ago Andrea and I were able to go to Taipei with Yuling and Joseph to go to the Temple. After our sessions we had several hours still until our return train so we went exploring around Taipei. We were starting to get hungry when we walked past this fancy place, it was a steak restaurant and Andrea had mentioned wanting steak. It seemed a little on the fancier side but we figured that we were in our Sunday clothes and we weren't going to get much fancier.
There were 6 "courses"
Course 1: Bread (yummy!)
Course 2: Soup (I had sweet corn and Andrea had French Onion)
Course 3: Salad (I had a green salad with a yogurt dressing and Andrea had tomato and asparagus)
Course 4: Main Course (I had a yummy pasta with cheese, meat, and peppers. Andrea had steak)
Course 5: Dessert (Ice cream with fruit cocktail and a dollop of whipped topping)
Course 6: Drinks (I had lemon juice and Andrea had kiwi) (they don't generally drink during their meals which is why the drink is considered a course)

This is what I get for ordering fresh lemon juice, I was thinking lemonade, on the sweet side- yummy and delicious! Nope, I would say that there was absolutely NO SUGAR! added to my "lemon juice" and so you get this lovely
face :D

The meal was really yummy and only like $12, not that bad when you consider all that we had. It was kind of fun to eat at a multiple course restaurant, I have never done that before and it's kind of neat to mark that off on my experiences.


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Definitly a fun thing to check off!

  2. I got to do something similar on my mission. We ate at this super fancy restaurant (probably 5 or 6 courses as well) set in an outdoor garden. They grew all the vegetables we ate on site. Very tasty and only $11!

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