Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Others

I can't show you Leslee with showing you some of what her "competition" was :D There was definitely some extremes, some attitude, some who were too young to be there, some who had done it before, and everything else in between.

This poor little girl is adorable and she had to come out first...I'm pretty sure that she was the youngest there. Her brother was so sweet and walked out with her.

This kid cared a lot about his appearance, he walked in with total confidence, straight back and danced very well.

This kid was hilarious, he was supposed to be saying something but instead just kept on blowing into the microphone. He did it several times and then was trying to get his Mom and the other guy to blow into it too.

These two were sisters and had a some major attitude.

This girl had some major skills on the roller skates (who am I joking...any skill is major skill compared to what I can do)

His orange kind of reminds me of a fish. He sang and played with the sticks.

Nobody could tell that this was his Grandma :D She was dancing and singing the whole time, it was super cute and fun to see her so excited for him.

I have dubbed this the volcano hair...I only wish my hair did that.

She wasn't in the competition but I still think she's cute...this is Alice P. one of the 5 year olds. I had her on my shoulders so that she could see above the others.

For some reason his outfit kind of reminded me of a lion (the color) and a snake (the thing on his forehead)

This kid was seriously wearing a dress made out of tin foil!

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