Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dream Boat

Last night I was tutoring Nemo, we were reading a book about different kinds of boats and I thought to do something different I would have her describe her "dream boat" to me, this is the following list that was given to me:
*Big (as we were reading the book I would ask her which boat was her favorite, she was always pick one and when asked why it was her favorite? "because it's big")
*Cool (now what would be the point of having a boat if it's not cool?)
*Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
*100 Levels
*10 bedrooms (those poor bedrooms are going to be pretty far spread out)
*20 bathrooms (it's always important to have the 1 to 2 ratio in bedrooms to bathrooms)
*15 kitchens (and to have enough kitchens so that you fix something different in each one)
*3 Swimming pools
...this reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite movies Bride and Prejudice

This fellow went to America

and bought a huge American house
and built three swimming pools.
So when his father visited from India,
he showed him around his mansion
and three swimming pools.
His father asked,

"But, son, why do you need three pools?"
So he said proudly, "Well, one is filled

with cold water for when I feel hot
. The second is filled with hot water
when I feel cold. "
The father nodded and said,

"But why is the third pool empty?"
He said, "Well, that's when

I don't feel like swimming at all. "

*20 trampolines
*10 cars
*11 jump ropes
*30 TV's
*29 computers
*12 balls
*2 basketball courts
*3 soccer fields
*10 pianos
*5 movies (I'm not sure if this is physical movies or movie theaters)
*2 McDonalds
*8 music boxes
*10 violins
*2 roosters
*2 hens (yep you see those two right, roosters and hens...they raise roosters and hens and when I suggested other animals she didn't want those, just roosters and hens :D)
*50 flowers
*7 BIG clocks
*99 standing lamps (at least we know that each level will have a lamp :D)

It's interesting because as she was making her list I was thinking how very different my dream boat would be, even though I had given her the permission to add anything to her boat her mind couldn't even imagine crazy things. Oh how much longer and complex would be my list :D

If you were designing your dream boat what would it be like?

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