Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bug Attack

Tuesday evening I was supposed to have tutoring at 7pm, it got to be 7:15 and I hadn't seen Jenny yet...I decided to go outside and see if she was hiding or something (because that's the sort of thing these kids do), I stood up from my desk and noticed 3 bugs flying in my room, I was annoyed to see them but didn't really think that much about them. I opened the door to outside and see at least 60 of the same bug flying around the light on our porch, I'm pretty sure that I screamed and slammed the door to our room at the same time.
Andrea (who was tutoring in the kitchen) turned around at my scream and her jaw dropped, the girls that she was tutoring freaked out! They started screaming and opened the door to the kitchen so even more flew in there.
Andrea and I went crazy with the fly swatters, pretty soon the floors and everywhere else was covered in wings, quite disgusting but we rather have the wings than the flying objects.
At one point I turned off the lights outside and they all rushed towards my window (the lights were on still inside), kind of funny but I wasn't excited to be in the way of the direction they were all flying.

I asked Teacher Stephanie about it on Wednesday, she said that they are flying ants and that when it has been warm and then starts raining they all come flying out and head towards the light. My Mom suggested that also because it is spring there is an abundance of them, all I know is that we were not happy to see them.
Our tutor students told us though that we should keep a bowl of water on the ground in the kitchen, the ants will think that it's light and fly to it, but will die because it's water---works for me!

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