Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leslee's Big Day

Friday morning when I came to class I was handed an envelope from one of the other teachers. I opened it and inside I found a card from Leslee (one of my previous students and now a tutor student) and her Mom, inviting me to come to Far East Shopping Mall on Saturday to watch Leslee compete in a model show.
I was already planning on going there to do some shopping and jumped at being able to support Leslee (I had helper her a couple of weeks ago work on introducing herself in English in case she got invited to this competition).

She started out in this cute blue dress with a teddy bear clutched in her arms. She walked in and gave the judges a big smile and the traditional peace sign. Then she talked to the guy in Chinese for awhile, ran back stage...

Her family and friends were prepared with a couple of signs, it has her name in English and her Chinese name (Yo Tien Hwa)

...she came back out dressed ready to cheer. She was cute and did a dance to "Oh Mickey."

Her score! She was number 32 and the best that you could get was 30!

Afterwards Leslee and Alice (one of the 5 year olds) hugged, played, and ran around like little girls do.

Drum-roll please...out of 50 participants Leslee got 2nd place! So she along with these two others will be going to Taipei in two weeks to represent Hualien in a bigger competition.

They looked thrilled (or distracted at least :D) by their prizes.

I looked over to see Alice scrounging through my purse...naughty girl!

Our beautiful winner! (I'm not a proud teacher :D)

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