Friday, April 30, 2010

Water Balloons=Wet

Several weeks ago the theme in our afternoon classes was balloons, and of course you can't talk about balloons without doing something with water balloons. We had to wait over a week because of rain but we were finally able to do the activity in the afternoon class, of course because we had not been able to do it on the original day not everyone had extra clothes and it was a little on the colder side so we ended up only having 15-20 participate in the water balloon part and the others did regular balloons with Andrea.
When we were finished we quickly had to change because we were having a Birthday party also, as I walked by to go upstairs and change I looked in the yellow class and this is what I saw---Kevin, Ruby, Cindy, and Jason all stripping down...hehe!

I totally drenched myself with water balloons, I would bite a little hole for the kids in the balloon and then they would squirt each other with water, unfortunately probably every other one popped on me. Because I was already wet I just poured the buckets of water on myself---the kids thought that it was hilarious!

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