Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Mart: An Extreme Adventure

Two field trips in two days! How crazy is that? It was so much fun though, well as fun as it can be going shopping with 50 kids :D We had our regular morning classes and then the craziness started. There were at least 10 cars lined up out front of the school and that many or more parents wandering around, talking with each other and the kids. You know how when you are getting ready to go somewhere you go through in your head like a million times what you need to take with you/do well multiply that several times and you can begin to understand what it was. Finally we would be ready and then a 3 year old was missing, or someone needed to change clothes/shoes, go to the bathroom, basically anything that you can think of.
Finally we started to get in the cars, I was in the first one to leave. I got to ride with Elaine's Mom and 6 bouncy 3 year olds :D
It's amazing how much faster you can get somewhere when going in a car. We were all dropped off at the curb and then the parents went and all parked their cars.
Before going inside, each teacher took a group of 10 kids (except me, I was the lucky one with a microphone and got to be the "tour guide"). We walked in and everyone quickly started grabbing carts, I got the microphone out but wasn't really sure what Yuling wanted me to do with it, after a few minutes we quickly decided that it would be easier just for each teacher to be a tour guide for their groups. We started out all together but that quickly changed and were soon spread out through the store.
We had two hours to explore the store with our groups (I used it as a chance to buy some of the more heavier stuff that we needed but didn't really want to bike back with. AKA- Rice). The kids had tons of fun looking at things and picking out what they were going to buy (each one had been sent with $50-$150 or so). Minds were changed many times, especially on making sure that they had enough money.
I went on several runs with kids to find stickers or tattoos that they saw someone else have and they wanted.
When it came time to check-out they opened two check stands just for us, so we wouldn't block other customers and hopefully not frustrate everyone in the store.

When going shopping with 50 kids you would expect to have someone wander off on their own, that happened but it wasn't one of the kids. Yuling disappeared with her group and we didn't see them until the very end when we were getting in line to check out.
It was a long day and everyone was very tired when we were heading home, the kids had fun and loved buying lots and lots of candy (of course that is what most of them bought :D).
Elaine's Mom was nice and bought snacks for everyone in our car to eat on the way back and some how our 6 3 year olds had become 9, all sitting in the back together- with no seat belts :(

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