Friday, February 18, 2011

Adventures As a Child-Napper

With all of my time spent with kids (young to old) there is something that I've learned...there is good, bad, funny, not-so-funny, happy, irritating moments. And you have to learn to smile and laugh through the good and take deep breaths (and remember the good) during the bad. As I watch Allisyn 3 days a weeks and Emily/Addy 2 days a week I have many opportunities for funny things to happen. I'm sure that there are many more but these are some of the ones that I can remember at the moment...

...several weeks ago Allisyn started making a new noise, it sounded like she was choking (which of course greatly concerned me). Every time I would look over at her she would stop making the noise and act like everything was ok, I picked her up to make sure that everything was ok. I told her that she shouldn't make that noise, it made me concerned that something was wrong and that she couldn't breathe. Her response...sticking out her tongue at me :)

Yesterday I discovered while playing hide and go seek it's probably best not to play right after it has snowed outside (unless playing with a 2 year old like I was), the snow is a dead give away to what direction you have gone for your hiding. But because I was playing with a 2 year old it was probably good because it made it a little easier for her.

With little girls your purse is free game. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when Elle (friend of Emily) took my purse and every item somehow became a gift for Emily on her birthday (each item was taken out one at a time and given to her and they would talk about each thing).

I forget the things that are said while little girls play dress-up...(heard from Elle while she and Emily were playing pretend several weeks ago---Elle had a pillow under her shirt so that she looked pregnant), "Pretend that I heard the baby crying in my stomach and I started bouncing up and down because I knew she liked it."
While on campus with Allisyn we stopped in the bathroom and as we were walking out there were two girls sitting by the couch's talking, as I passed them one randomly turned to me and complimented me on my stroller. I kindly said thank you and as soon as I was out of the bathroom started laughing (*no offense to Erin and J.J.'s stroller, it is cute but it just made me laugh).

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