Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Happy (Chinese) New Year!!

Before going to Taiwan Chinese New Year was just something that I heard in passing, but since being there and celebrating in person it is something that I will celebrate for now on. My roommates were just as excited to get involved with it so we went all out :)
It was Anna's night to make dinner and she went with chicken fried rice...
The rice had to be completely cool according to her recipe so we rigged up a good way to get the rice cooling while we went grocery shopping :)

The finished DELICIOUS fried rice!

All the food...not only did we have fried rice but we added dumplings (potstickers) and egg rolls.

We even took our hand at chopsticks (Candace and I may or may not have ran to Panda Express and asked for several sets of chopsticks while the car was parked illegally so that I could run in :D). I was so impressed with how long Candace was willing to try the chopsticks...she had said that she was going to last all of 5 minutes trying them and she almost went the whole meal!

Anna had a creative way of using her chopsticks

Janet had a little more experience using chopsticks and looked like an old pro!

Ciara was the first to dig into the yummy fortune cookies!

This cracked me...I'm taking suggestions

Our "Asian-y" picture

We ended our night with a good ole classic from Disney... got to love Mulan :D

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