Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fortune Cookies

If you haven't figured it out by now I really like to bake, cook, and anything that contributes to those two. I especially love trying new recipes and learning new skills. In celebration of the beginning of Chinese New Year last week my roommate Candace and I decided to try our hand at making fortune cookies (yes I know they really aren't Chinese, but it still sounded fun). We even filled them with personalized fortunes (all thanks to Candace!).

Candace working hard at writing up the fortunes.

You spoon the batter onto the pan and then....

tilt it like your on a carnival ride to spread the batter out.

While the cookies cook you quickly fold the fortunes so they are ready to go inside while the cookies are still warm.

Our first batch we didn't spray the pan so they hardened on the pan. The second batch cooked a little too long so they hardened really quickly. The 3rd batch was the charm...beautiful golden brown.

The folding process...gets a lot more difficult as the cookies harden.

The cooling can see the difference (but note even the browner ones have fortunes in them :D)

Oh look how beautiful they are!

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