Sunday, March 13, 2011


I read a blog called Kazooisms that is just a blog of things that this mother hears from her preschooler, it is quite funny and I can't believe some of the things that Caroline (the daughter) says sometimes. I'm beginning to wonder if I should start a blog for the same idea but of things that I hear from Emily and Addy when I am at work.
I'm not sure where it came from on Tuesday but Emily, Addy, and I were sitting on the couches in the living room when out of nowhere Emily asked me if I was Mom...

B: No, not yet.
E: Oh, how old are you?
B: 22
E: 22? You're almost a Mom then, right?You should be a Mom when you are 22.
B: I have to get married before I can become a Mom.
E: When will that happen?
B: When I meet the right guy...someone that loves me and that I love him.
E: What if every guy loves you?
B: Then that would be awesome!
E: The you would be married to a lot of guys.

Oh the logic of a 4 year old, but indeed it would be awesome if all the guys loved me :)

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