Friday, March 25, 2011

When the Lights Go Out

This afternoon about 1:30 Brea and I were sitting in her living room looking at the computer when we heard an explosion and then the lights started flickering. They continued flickering and many things were making noises so we started unplugging things so they would stop. Finally they stopped flickering and were out all together, Brea's upstairs neighbor came to see if we had done something and that's when we heard the sirens and saw a firetruck at the end of the block, I walked down and talked to some of the neighbors that were standing around. They said that the transformer for the area had just blown, I made sure that no one was hurt (like had run into it or something) and headed back to Brea's to report what I had found out.
So we had no power for a couple of hours...what do Brea and I do?

Give Addie a flashlight to play with...which she LOVED! (to eat anyway)

Luckily Brea's stove was gas because Addie was hungry---who would have known that so much of our basic functions are powered by electricity. (we did have to re-light the stove)
We lit a couple of candles and played...
I'm not a huge fan of playing word games just because I don't know a ton of abstract words but it was fun playing Brea. We did use every single letter and Brea beat me by 8 stinkin' points! (I had been 20 ahead of her but then I played a word that allowed her to get a ton of points, grrr!)
The power may or may not have come back on before the end of the game and we may or may not have continued playing with all the lights off and by candlelight :)

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