Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stick It!

I went to my very first lacrosse game on Friday with Brea and Darrell...it was awesome! I learned that in the future if I'm going to go watch a new sport I should probably read up a little bit about it beforehand but luckily I had my beautiful phone that offered me connection to the internet so that I could learn a little bit about the sport. It was such a fun, fast-paced game. I even (sorta) got used to them hitting each other with their sticks and body checking each other.
BYU is ranked #4 in the nation and they are un-defeated (how cool is that!?), we barely one with a goal with less than one minute left! You can read more about it HERE (on page 10--the last page). I may be becoming a new fan...the next home games are Saturday (March 12th) and Tuesday (March 15th) if anyone wants to join me!
P.S. BYU Lacrosse's webpage can be found HERE

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