Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And The Rose Goes To...

Lately we have had some free time at night after tutoring is over and we haven’t had anything to do (because that happens all the time right :D) and Andrea and I have got hooked on finding out who Jake is going to chose on The Bachelor. Really we are not impressed with any of the girls but we just HAVE TO KNOW! Saturday night when we finished our latest episode I got a burst of energy and decided to mimic each of the girls and then I decided that I was going to try out for the show…something like how I would be the obvious winner because I’m not a super skinny, blonde who uses cusses words every other word and how I DON’T check my hair and make-up every 5 seconds. I really think that I have a chance…don’t you?

Oh yeah...these are going to be my application photos :D


  1. Did you google who won? I did. DISAPPOINTING! SERIously. anyway, let me know how it goes haha :) I would love to see you on there!!