Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese Concert!

Friday we went to this super awesome concert at the beach with Yuling and her family. I felt like a teenager cheering, jumping up and down, and standing behind the stage in hopes of getting an autograph from the singers. There were about 5 that sang, two that we liked the most. I just wanted to share the videos of our favorite songs, I will write more when I return from Taipei.

We loved this song, it was so catchy and it had English in it :D He was fun and brought tons of energy to the stage. His English (well his name translated is Harlem Yu)

This is another one of Harlem Yu's, I am not 100% sure if this is the slow song that he sang, but I liked it anyway.

Yuling's niece Allie was soooooooo excited to see Jolin! I am sure that I heard her name at least 50x on the way to the beach. Her name is Jolin Tsai and I guess she studied English. This song just makes me laugh, but still the music is very catchy.

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