Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shopping We Will Go

Saturday afternoon Andrea and I went on an adventure to another part of town, we went down to the Church and then went right, last time I was here I went that direction a couple of times (there is a sweet bakery, stuff store, grocery store, and McDonalds that direction), but not enough that I can say that I am super comfortable in that area.
We drove by a Buddhist Temple that is only about a block or so away from Church and it is quiet big, I wanted to check with someone before I go through there taking pictures because I don’t want to be disrespectful but as soon as I find out if that is ok I will be sure to go back and take pictures! We have been told that during Chinese New Year we should go there and see a dragon dance (super excited to see that!). We also passed what looked like a floral shop and a nail salon (Andrea and I have made a “list” of things to do before we go home, one is get our hair done here-not cut mind you (we’re not brave enough for that :D), a pedicure, and a manicure- just to say that we did :D), but when we were on our way back I couldn’t find them again.
We stopped and parked our bikes at the grocery store because we figured that it was the most central place and that we would be going there last in case we wanted to buy cold food items. We started walk towards the stuff store and I got a little confused at how to get there, we went part way up the road and I forgot that we needed to go a little further so we went back, went up another road and then passed where we had stopped and reached the stuff store (so basically I made us walk a whole extra circle…oops!). The stuff store was fun, in between getting ran over by ten year old girls and little old ladies wanting to get pass when there was no room we were each able to find some goodies to take home.
I left with a set of markers, some birthday cards, and more socks (I found these super cute stripped ones that I really like and they fit a lot better than the ones that I brought from home—how does that even make sense when everything else about their feet are tinier than mine?).
Next stop…McDonalds! Because you can’t be American without going to McDonalds once? We figured that because we were down that way and there didn’t really seem to be any other kind of restaurants that we wanted to try by our self so we went there (Andrea figured that she wouldn’t be able to have a hamburger until she went home…she doesn’t realize how much they love anything American), Andrea got a hamburger while I got the chicken burger—Yummy! While we were there I figured that I had better visit the bathroom before we left, you will be happy to know that this particular McDonalds only has squatter toilets and so I had to use them, I am getting “better” and “faster” at using them :D
Next and final stop? Blue grocery store, we weren’t there very long and I was kind of feeling tired and couldn’t really settle on needing/wanting anything so I only bought a couple of things and then we headed home.
I was in the middle of crossing the last major intersection before home when all of a sudden my bike made a clanking noise and the chain was no longer working. I tried pedaling but it did not do anything, so I hopped off my bike as fast as I could and finished crossing the street. I was just going to walk home the rest of the way but Andrea was already walking hers so she suggested that we switch and I ride hers home, so I did that.

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