Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Delights!

Wednesday was Andrea's birthday! We hadn't really talked about doing anything for her birthday but I wanted to do something to make it special, I know that sometimes being away from family on birthday's or other major events can be hard. I secretly had the kids make birthday cards for her and asked Yuling if she would be willing to get a cheesecake for Andrea-her favorite (I was going to pay for it but then Yuling just gave it as her gift), I was going to have Yuling get the same kind that Vanessa's mom had given us last month (with the blueberries) but she told me that she would get a different kind, the missionaries told her that it was the best that they had here (it didn't disappoint :D), we saw it at A-Mart yesterday but we were both really good and steered clear of it. Also because Andrea likes to try different crackers, cookies, chips, etc. I bought her a bunch of different stuff to try. It has been an adventure to try things, some we have liked and some not so much :D

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