Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Birthday

Had the first birthday party since I've arrived and it turned out to be a double! It's always a bit of a struggle because they don't generally tell us until part way through the day that we will be having a party in the afternoon class so to allow 15-20 minutes for it, we then always have to re-arrange what we were planning on doing...but this time it worked out perfect! Meggy's Mom walked in and was the gift fairy--she had a balloon for each child, some candy, toys AND they got a cupcake too! It was raining so they were stuck inside with all of their energy from naps and candy!
Ryan is a 3 year old and his Mom is pregnant with twin boys, I am not sure if they knew about doing something for birthday's but I was still glad to see that Yuling made him part of it and had a birthday candle for him and that we sang to him.

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