Saturday, February 27, 2010

Walking= More Fun

The sun and heat are coming!! Friday in my middle class I took the kids on a walk, they were supposed to be listening to the different sounds and seeing the different, colors, shapes, and things in general that they saw. It went really well except it was hot and the kids didn't like that but they said that they had fun.
2 adventures came from our walk...
I was out with the 3 year olds, Teacher Stephanie was at the back and I was at the front. We were getting ready to head back to the school and I started walking forward, I had walked about 10 yards when I looked back, I had about 4 kids with me but the rest was still back with Teacher Stephanie. They were all looking intently over the edge of the road, down onto a garden- I wasn't sure what was going on so I just sat watching them when all of a sudden I saw to streams of water arching through the sky and noticed that two of the boys had there pants down around their ankles and were peeing into the garden. AHHH!!! I have since learned that it seems to be a very common practice in Asia, people (yes even adults sometimes) will just pull down their pants and go wherever they are, I am grateful that I have yet to see an adult do this and hope that I never have to.
Friday evening I scratched my arm for some reason and looked down at my shoulder, I noticed that there was a little bit of color difference, I figured at first that it must have been from when I got really bad sunburnt last summer, but then I looked more closely and realized that nope I had got sunburnt, thankfully not very much but enough so that there was some color difference. I now know that I can't go outside without wearing suntan lotion (and thankfully Andrea brought some with her!)

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