Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food Adventures

Last week sometime Andrea and I decided to be adventurous and try something new at the night market...first when we went to get our fruit drinks Donald suggested that we try what he called House of Leek, he said that it was really good for when our bodies were hot and that it would cool it down, we both got one (I have labeled it as Green Slime :D). It actually turned out to be pretty good and the last several times that I have gone to get juice that is what I have ended up getting.
Next we had to try something different for our main entree...we decided to try one of stands where you take a bowl and pick what you want and they will cook it for you, well we discovered that there are several different types of those and we went to one that did just deep fat frying. We both got some chicken and potatoes, Andrea got what ended up being fish and I got for us to split some sweet (wasn't very sweet but a little weird being deep fat fried). It was all really yummy but way too much fatty foods to eat together, when we were done Andrea and I both felt a little sick- we rushed to get some fruit and vegetables to help us feel a little healthier :D
It wasn't a bad adventure but we will be a little more prepared next time to try a different kind of booth or to just pick one item that we want to try.

The pictures dinner-potatoes and fried chicken, the green slime (yummy house of leek with pineapple I believe), and the sweet fried stuff (the lady kept on trying to tell us that it was good but we weren't going to jump at something that we couldn't even begin to identify, so finally she called a friend and told us that it was "sweet" and that was all that she told us, but we were brave and went for it :D)
I was adventurous and tried something else this past week, while Andrea was tutoring Vanessa's sister I was going to run down to the night market and get us dinner, Vanessa's Mom offered to drive me over, it was fun to have her walk around with me and explain what things were--- I tried what she called a spring roll, it was more like a soft burrito, it wasn't my favorite and it probably wont be something that I will try again, but hey I tried it once!

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