Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good-Bye Dinner

The Goa's left this week to visit his family and then to return to America. We had been wanting to have them over for dinner before they left, to say thank you, good-bye, and just because they are awesome people that we like. We realized that last Sunday would be our last chance and invited them over, it didn't hurt that it was Mother's Day and we could give her the day off from cooking. Along with the Goa's we also invited the Sister Missionaries.

Alan and William were watching TV and it was a nice warm day so we decided to move the table out to our "deck," it looked really strange in the kitchen without it so of course I had to take a picture.

We're not used to making large quantities of rice so we had the Sister's check it to make sure that it was ok.

A lot (Funny story about Alot--you should check it out HERE) of people equals a need for a lot of curry. It was a little more challenging trying to keep track of such a large quantity cooking, I now have more of an appreciation for the cook who cooks for 50+ everyday)

Sister Goa and Cougar arrived a little bit earlier than Bro Goa and Hyrum so we had some just stand around and talk time.

This is Cougar's cool hat that he had made, #26 was his number at school and on the back it said "GO USA!"
The Sister Missionaries and Cougar (and his cool hat :D)

The were sweet and brought watermelon for dessert. It was super yummy (and the leftovers lasted until Wednesday- watermelon everyday...YUMMY!) and kind of weird to see red watermelon again (we always eat yellow watermelon at school)

Hyrum looking sweet and cute (you know that somethings up :D)

We will miss the Goa's they have been good friends while we have been here (especially Sis Goa translating for us in Relief Society- it will be an interesting remaining month and a half without her)

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