Saturday, May 15, 2010

Talents for Mothers

For those of you that missed it, last Sunday was Mother's Day, a day that we should take extra time to honor our mothers, our own and any mother figure in our lives.
The Hualien and Ji-An Branches didn't forget, they had a wonderful activity on Saturday in honor of Mother's Day. It was a talent show/food/dancing/massage activity. They began with the talents, the choir sang, primary children sang, a family danced together, children played the piano, Stephanie and Eliza played the recorder.
After followed dancing, a lady from the other branch taught everyone, it was fun to just watch. Last they had all of the "mothers" sit in a row and the primary children all had lotion put in their hands, they came around gave everyone neck and arm massages (some were even sweet enough to give their mothers feet massages). Allie and Eliza made sure that Andrea and I were well massaged and moisturized, they came back to us a couple of times.
It was very fun and sweet to watch the children be gentle with their moms as they massaged them and lots of fun.

Oh and then to top it all off they gave us flowers on Sunday during Sacrament meeting (it was rather funny because they handed them out in the middle of sacrament, they played music to keep it "more reverent," I don't think that it ever got fully quiet again)

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  1. That sounds lovely!!! What a lovely Mother's Day meeting.