Friday, May 14, 2010

An Invitation

On Wednesday I was talking with Yuling about getting train tickets for Andrea and I got to Taipei for the weekend of the 22nd so that we could go to the Temple and do some shopping. As I was talking with Yuling about it my tutor student Leslee came in, she handed me an envelope. I asked what it was and her Mom said that it was an invitation to a garden party at Leslee's kindergarten school, but that it sounded like we were going to be out to town. I said that we weren't sure yet, when we got upstairs Leslee said something to her mom, her mom said that she was really worried about us not being able to come to her garden party.
I told her that I bet that Andrea and I could talk about it and go to Taipei a different weekend so that we could go to her party. She got very happy.

This is the second time that they have invited me to something, they are always very sweet and give me a card with a note written by Leslee and a note written by Leslee's mom Becky with directions how to get to the place.

Thursday Leslee and her mom stopped by the school again to give Yuling something, her mom asked Andrea if we had decided what we were going to do, she told her that we were going to go to Taipei a different weekend so that we could come to the party, she said that she would tell Leslee and that she would be very relieved, that she had been worried about whether we would come or not.

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