Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Party: In The Garden

It wasn't technically in the garden (or not at least what I pictured as a garden), but if you remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago HERE that my student Leslee had invited Andrea and I to her school's Garden Party. It was last Saturday (aka May 22nd) and it was lots of fun. Each food item or game cost between 1-3 tickets generally (there were some that cost much more than that). We found out while there that each booth was run by a different class and it was kind of a competition to see who could see sell the most.

They had hand/arm/face painting (which I thought was a booth that was giving shots when we first walked up :D) While we were getting painted one of the other ladies offered to take pictures for me and then was also two other ladies taking pictures and video recording Andrea and I.

When we first got there we were early so there wasn't that many people, but within the first hour it got very crowded.
They had 4-wheelers that you could ride, it made me laugh that it was a special thing because growing up almost every other person that I knew at least owned one 4-wheeler or dirt bike. Leslee was so excited as she stood in line, but when she got her helmet on she started to become a little nervous...she quickly got over it though.

This is Little Annie, she was a 3 year old when I was here last time. Andrea and I were standing waiting for Leslee when I heard "Teacher Beth" and looked over to see a little girl and her Mom waving at me coming towards me. I didn't recognize her at first, she has gotten so big. She was doing a little dance with her class as we were leaving.

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