Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tie-Dye Fun

Last Friday we had a Relief Society activity, we were tie-dying...with onions as our coloring! Crazy! When they told me that I didn't really know how it was going to work, still not quite sure how but it did and I have some really awesome silk material to make into a skirt with the help of my Mom when I get home.
It was a super fun relaxed night, I didn't even do that bad considering that there wasn't really anyone around that spoke English, Sis. Goa was in charge of babysitting, Stephanie was at the other end of the room we working hard on her project and Yuling didn't come later and had Daniel to take care of.
One of the Sister's helped me tie chopsticks and other knots in my material to make cool stars and circle designs in my material.

Oops! I almost forgot to add my finished product, but for some reason Google Chrome won't let you move the pictures around, so they get to stay at the top :D

The Relief Society presidency (at least for the week--Sis Goa left to return to the states this week and so wont be in the presidency any longer)

This is going to sound really weird but I think that I really have my Dad's side of the family nose in this picture, I haven't ever really noticed before, but it's really obvious here.

I asked one of the Sister's daughters to take some pictures for me, I hardly ever get pictures of myself and I wanted some of me doing my tie dye (to prove that I actually did it this time :D)

Someone's completed project (well the tying part anyway)

Working, working, working, and don't forget talking :D
In this project we needed two or even three hands sometimes, some of us resorted to using our teeth (it worked quite well if I do say myself)
The beginning stages of the dying, we soaked it in the onion dye from Friday night to Sunday afternoon after church.

Part of the group that was there, not bad for a branch on Friday night.
Stephanie working until the very last minute (and she had been working all week on her's), her's came out really cool with butterflies and flowers--beautiful!
After everyone got their material in the dye we had a lesson about dressing modestly, no one was there to translate it for me, so I got distracted by these two (they are chasing each others fingers)
What the pot looked like right before I went home.

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