Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scooter Ridin' Fun

A couple of weeks ago I had just gotten off skype talking to my Mom when the phone in the kitchen started ringing (it doesn't do that very often but when it does I generally ignore it :D), Andrea went to answer it. It was Yuling asking if we wanted to go downtown with them, of course we said yes and hurriedly got dressed.
We were downstairs at the appointed time when Yuling, Daniel, and Joseph pulled up on their scooters, we grabbed our helmets and hopped on. Before going downtown we swung by and picked up Allie.

(Joseph, Andrea, and Daniel waiting while we pumped up Yuling's tires)

Yuling's tires were a little low so we stopped for a few seconds to get them pumped up, while Allie and I waited we snapped a few cute pictures.

Joseph and Yuling dropped us off at the entrance to the market while they went to find parking, the first thing that Daniel noticed was this giant bear inside one of the drink places. He kept on saying bear in Chinese and pointing at it.

No bed for nap, so Daniel had to make due with his Dad's back.

After buying several purses (I believe that among the three of us we bought 5 :D), clothes, and other foods we stopped for lunch, of course we had to go to what I like to call "Famous Dumplings," and as usual they stepped up to the plate and served delicious food.

Daniel was getting a little tired and restless by this time so I let him play with my camera again, there are several like this.

After lunch we dropped Allie off at her music class and then came back for dessert, Andrea and I both had shaved ice with mango--YUM!

Besides having fun with Yuling, Joseph, Daniel, Allie, and Andrea?...finding and buying Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, and Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story for only $30 US!!! (The first two are two of my favorite movies and ones that I have wanted for a very long time but wasn't ready to pay $30+ for each one)

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