Monday, May 17, 2010

Hammer Time

Well, it wasn't exactly a hammer, but it was still fun. In "honor" of Cinco de Mayo (yes I know it wasn't actually the 5th of May, but we fit it in where we can) we had a pinata (you got to use any excuse you can to have fun :D) We used a blow-up toy to make sure that the pinata didn't break on the first hit (we were using a pinata that had been used before and actually only had one layer of paper on it)- though we ended up having to just turn it over and dump out the candy :D. Sorry the pictures are small (you can click them to make them bigger), but I figured that this was better than uploading 50 pictures.

I love that the Teachers got involved and I especially love Stephanie's look on her face .

The 5 year old's- we made sure that Jimmy and Kevin went last so that everyone else got a turn.

4 Year Olds

3 Year Olds

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