Saturday, May 8, 2010

PhotoHunt: Mother/Mom

A year ago in accordance with what was going on in my life I wrote several posts about my Dad, the memories that I had with him and how grateful I was to have him. I haven't always been so forthcoming with positive things to say about my Mom. When I was younger we had a terrible relationship, I was down right mean to my Mom, causing problems between her and my Dad and between others in the family.
When my Dad fell down the stairs two of my brothers were home for Christmas but they soon had to return to school and it was only my Mom and I home. Our relationship changed drastically, we became each others support, crying, laughing, hugging, listening, and just sitting with each other. My Mom became one of my best friends, though she wasn't always with me I talked with her each day, I still do, even with us being thousands of miles away.

I love this picture of her with Erick's sisters Madelaine and Lily, it shows the love that my Mom has: for her children and for her "adopted children" (of which there are many).
My Mom continually volunteers for things, even if she doesn't have the time or energy. Almost daily when I call her she will say that we can't talk for very long because she has 7 or 8 things that need to be done before she goes to bed (and it's already 9 o'clock). She opens her arms, heart, and home to everyone that she meets.
I am so lucky to have my Mom, I know that Heavenly Father chose for me to have her and her to have me for a very specific reason and I am so grateful for his decision. I love her and am grateful for her example in my life.
I Love You Mommy! Happy Mothers Day!

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