Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before the Clock Chimes

Tonight Mom and I were sorting through a bunch of my stuff upstairs in my room when I found this poem. I started reading it to Mom before I knew what it was, I really liked it and wanted to share and also put it in a place that I would be sure to find it again...what better place than my blog? It is called Before the Clock Chimes and it was written by Megan Elliot (at least that is what it says on the paper :D)

Before the Clock Chimes
By Megan Elliot

Cinderella you've heard of millions of times,
But my story's forgotten before the clock chimes
Well you would do well my little friend
To remember my story right to the end
So close your eyes, forget about sight,
And I'll take you back to that magical night.
As I happily readied myself in my home
This is what happened: I was all alone. . .

Tonight's the night, the royal ball,
And I'm the fairest of them all
My hair is curled my step is light,
I bet I am a lovely sight
Just one thing more before I go,
The mirror will my reflection show
My mirror is magic it does not lie
It says what society sees tonight
As I approach it in my dress,
I'm primped, perfumed, and neatly pressed
So I stand in front of this mirror of mine,
And ask a question as old as time

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?
"Not you" my reflection said with a sneer,
"For you are far too fat my dear,
Your hair, it might as well be strings,
Your arms, what funny looking things,
Your feet too big, your eyes too small,
You should not go to the royal ball
Your knees are knobby; your nose sticks out,
Your legs are short, chubby, and stout.
Do not get in your carriage tonight
For you are so ugly- a ghastly sight."

I ran away with tears to cry
I thought that night I'd rather die,
I went to my favorite spot near a tree
Alone to cry, just ugly me.
But as I sobbed, someone took my hand.
I looked up- 'twas the Prince of all the land!
"Why do you cry sweet friend of mine,"
He said with a smile so gentle and kind.
"I am ugly," was all I could say
"I cannot go to the ball this day"

"Ugly my child? Who told you such lies?
Now, get on your feet, and dry your eyes.
On beauty I'll teach you a thing or two,
Beauty like yours comes in numbers so few
Your hands are clean your heart is good,
You try to do just as you should.
You're kind to others, no matter who
Why I don't know anyone kinder than you,
You're willing to give even if it's not much
You're there to assure with a gentle touch
You show how you care everyday
You smile at everyone who passes your way
Talk of ugliness I'll not hear again,
For you are fairest in all the land."

He gave me a hug and left with a smile,
And I sat and thought for a little while.
If I were ugly the Prince would know,
Since he thinks I'm not, to the ball I should go.
So I dried my tears and walked away,
And never forgot what I learned that day.
And I had a wonderful time at the ball,
For I am beautiful after all.

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