Monday, September 7, 2009

Toes, Cake, and Bath Fun...

The day before the wedding Erin took Jamie, Kandis, and I out for a girls day. It started out with us going and getting a deluxe pedicure- something everyone should get done at least once a year :D, then we had a super yummy lunch at a Texas "Tea House" and finally we visited this super awesome Bath shop.

Jamie being her beautiful smiley self , she and I had both worn skirts and they were nice to give us towels to drape over our legs so that we stayed semi-modest.

The beautiful bride-to-be, aka now Sis. Despain!

Kandis, this was her first time ever getting a pedicure...I assured her that she was going to love it but also warned her that it might tickle her toes just a little bit. It was quite funny at the beginning when she had to adjust to having her toes touched and tickled.

Kandi's and my lady were a little bit faster then Erin and Jamie's. We were pretty sure that Erin's lady was new as she kept on getting up wandering around trying to find things.

Kandis getting her toes dried.

They had these creepy little finger things to display the different types of nails that you could get done. I saw them at several different salons that we walked by.

After pedicures we headed over to lunch. After we had ordered Erin gave us each these cute bags with jewelery boxes inside, they had these pretty heart earrings and necklace with a heart to wear at the wedding.

Erin and I had the same lunch, a quiche that was super duper yummy! along with tortilla soup and a fruit salad. After lunch Erin's Mom told us that we of course had to get dessert, we each got a different kind and sampled each others.

Next we strolled through the different little shops by the Tea House where we went to lunch, we walked into this little Bath place that was awesome! They had over 150 different scents and we could mix them together to make a scent that we liked.

We probably spent close to 30 minutes trying different combinations of the scents, it was so much fun- they had tons of cotton balls that you could just try one combination and then throw away the cotton ball when you were done with it.

We got to try to this sand scrub and we all fell in love with it, so Jamie, Erin, and I decided to buy our was fun to watch the process of putting ours together.

Mine was the orange one- flavored Lick Me All Over and Orange Sherbert, Jamie's was the blue one and Erin's was the Purple one- I am not sure what their flavors were.

Our pretty bags that they came in, I loved the little details.

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